It is now illegal to present a false COVID-19 vaccination certificate or use another person’s information to enter venues in NSW.
The amendment to the NSW health order states a person “must not provide, display or produce another person’s information or evidence, including vaccination evidence”.
Breaching public health orders can lead to a maximum penalty of $11,000 or 6 months imprisonment.
Vaccinated residents are enjoying their third week of eased lockdown restrictions. Picture: Getty Images
It comes as vaccinated residents enjoy their third week of eased lockdown restrictions, with the state recording 304 cases and three deaths on Wednesday.
The three deaths include a man in his 30s, a person in their 70s and a person in their 80s. Two people were not vaccinated and one person had received their first dose of a vaccine shortly before testing positive.
Across the state, 93.2 per cent of the over 16 population received their first dose of a vaccine and 85.5 per cent are fully vaccinated.
In the 12-15 year age group, 78.3 per cent have had their first dose and 53 per cent are fully vaccinated.
Commonwealth urged to consolidate ‘convoluted’ vaccine passport system
The public health order comes after growing concerns COVID-19 vaccine certificates can be “easily forged”.
Security expert Vanessa Teague from the Australian National University warned it’s hard for businesses to prove the vaccine passport and certificate is “authentic”.
“There are not really meaningful security features in any versions we have seen in Australia, with the possible exception being for international travel,” she told
“Otherwise they have nothing to verify that the vaccine passport or certificate is authentic.
“So if you are running a service or a health service that really relies on checking that a person is vaccinated, you need to understand that the certificate is really easily forged.”

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