The Australian government has been “keen” to roll out COVID-19 booster shots to combat diminishing immunity after receiving the vaccine, says The Australian’s health editor Natasha Robinson.

Studies have shown that the immunity wanes after six months as the level of antibodies decreases over time.

Nevertheless, Ms Robinson told Sky News Australia there’s “good evidence” diminished levels still offer sufficient protection from severe disease.

“There is strong evidence that immunity wanes over time, but even though you may have diminished levels of antibodies, there’s, in fact, good evidence to show that you do still have a sufficient level of antibodies to protect you from severe disease even more than six months after vaccination,” she said.

“So, your antibody levels may not be enough to protect you as well as they did initially from catching the disease, having symptomatic infection but in terms of severe disease, the immunity does hold up well over time.

“It does diminish somewhat after six months, and that’s why the government’s keen to roll out the booster program and, in fact, we’ll be one the of the only countries in the world alongside Israel that has rolled out a booster program to the general population at this stage – most other countries are giving it to elderly people and doing it in a more targeted fashion initially.”

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