Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce says the National Party made sure those in regional Australia are “in a stronger position” under the net zero by 2050 plan.

The Nationals Party have signed off on the plan for net zero by 2050 after several days of intense negotiations and disputes within the party, with federal cabinet set to sign off on safeguards for regional Australia.

“The Nationals had two choices, we could negotiate a better outcome for regional Australia or be part of a sort of thespian outfit, ranting and raving but having no real effect on any decisions that were made,” Mr Joyce said.

“We chose the most logical one, which was to negotiate a better outcome on behalf of regional Australia, we still understand in regional Australia there are concerns.

“What we say to them quite clearly, we made sure that they are now in a stronger position that farmers, that miners, that regional towns are in a stronger position than they otherwise would be had the National Party not gone in to negotiate and to bat on their behalf.”

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