Mr Toole told 2GB’s Ben Fordham on Friday morning the state government decided to push back the travel date to November 1 following a meeting on Thursday.
The confirmation comes as NSW prepares to hit 80 per cent double-dose vaccination coverage by the end of the weekend, signifying the further easing of restrictions from Monday October 18.
“I know it’s frustrating and I know it’s a very difficult time because I know that people are wanting to pack their bags, they’re wanting to go out to regional NSW, they want to go on a holiday, they want to go and catch up with their families and their loved ones,” Mr Toole said.
“But I will confirm with you this morning, that regional travel will be allowed from the 1st of November.”
Greater Sydney residents will be banned from travelling to regional New South Wales for at least another two weeks, Deputy Premier Paul Toole has confirmed
NSW COVID cabinet to meet on roadmap
Here is what the fully vaccinated can do once 80 per cent double-dose is reached:
Density limits
One person per 4sqm indoors and one person per 2sqm outside.
Masks and QR codes:
Are required for all indoor settings including public transport.
No longer required for workers in office buildings but unvaccinated people will need to wear masks.
Not needed for people in outdoor settings.
COVID-safe check-ins and vaccination certificates required for staff and customers.
Visiting family and friends:
Twenty visitors (excluding children) can visit a home at any one time.
Outdoor recreation and gatherings increased to 50. A two person limit for those who are not fully vaccinated.
Exercise and recreation:
Gyms, indoor, sporting and recreation facilities opened under density limits with up to 20 people in classes.
No limits on distance for exercise and recreation.
Community sport to return for fully vaccinated staff, spectators and players.
Shopping and personal services:
Non-critical retail returns with density limits for the fully vaccinated while click and collect on offer for the unvaccinated.
No customer limit for personal services such as hairdressers and beauticians but density limits still apply.
Hospitality venues:
Takeaway only for people who are unvaccinated while 20 people per booking allowed for the fully vaccinated.
Dancing is permitted indoors and outdoors and drinking is allowed while standing up and sitting down.
Events and Entertainment:
Recreation facilities including stadiums and theme parks to open with a limit of 5000 people.
Entertainment facilities to reopen with density limits of 75 per cent seated capacity.
Information and education facilities including libraries to reopen with density limits.
Outdoor gatherings allowed up to 200 people with COVID-safe protocols.
Ticketed outdoor gatherings allowed to host 3000 people with density limits.
Nightclubs and strip clubs reopen with seated drinking and no dancing.
Weddings and religious services:
Wedding ceremonies are permitted to take place without limits on attendance (for people who are fully vaccinated) while density limits and a five person limit on unvaccinated guests will apply.
Wedding receptions will not have capacity limits (for people who are fully vaccinated) with eating and drinking allowed while standing, dancing allowed with density limits.
Funerals are permitted with no capacity limits (10-person limit for people who are not fully vaccinated) and eating and drinking allowed while standing, density limits still apply.
Places of worship reopen for people who are not fully vaccinated with density limits. 
When will unvaccinated people be allowed the same freedoms as those who are fully vaccinated?
Unvaccinated residents will be given the same freedoms on December 1.

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