Residents of Western Sydney have taken to social media in droves to share pictures and videos of a violent storm hitting the area. 
The Bureau of Meteorology, NSW issued an urgent weather warning on Twitter, writing “URGENT UPDATE: Multiple #thunderstorms are currently, or about to, impact major population centres, incl #Sydney”. 
“A Very Dangerous storm currently tracking towards Fairfield,” it continued, urging people to immediately check their local radars. 
The BOM’s Severe Thunderstorm Warning was issued to people in parts of the Blue Mountains-Hawksbury, Greater Newcastle, Gosford-Wyong, Sydney and Greater Wollongong areas. 
The warning further said flash flooding as a result of heavy rain was likely.
Sky News Australia meteorologist Rob Sharpe says it is “pretty rare” to see a tornado warning for Sydney.
“A particularly nasty storm formed here around Penrith – a supercell thunderstorm that has been tracking eastwards and south-eastwards … through Sydney,” he said on Thursday afternoon. 
“We’ve got a lot of hail forming with this, greater than five centimetres in diameter, so giant hail and right in the middle of it there is potential for a tornado.
“We may seen a  tornado, the storm looks … to be easing slightly back so that risk of a tornado in the future is reducing.” 
Giant hail storms collected as a supercell impacts Western Sydney. Picture: Supplied
“Of course Sydney has to outdo melbourne’s earthquake by having a tornado outbreak,” one Twitter user joked.
“Well it’s a bit wild and woolly out there, between the wind and the water and the rolling thunder. But since when did we start getting tornado warnings in Sydney,” another tweeted. 
One person wrote, “After the past couple of years I really should not have been surprised to see the tornado warning.” 
The urgent alert marks the first time Sydney has been issued a tornado warning since 2015. 

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