Liberal MP and Veteran Phillip Thompson says the Taliban “should not be given airtime” in Australia.

It comes as the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils cancelled an online forum, which was set to feature two senior Taliban representatives following public backlash.

Mr Thompson said the Taliban spokesmen who were meant to join the forum “are horrible people”.

“These are people that have spoken out in support of public stoning, amputations, public beheadings,” he told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“These are people that have said education between 2000 up until now – anything done there doesn’t count, you have to go back and do other schooling under their regime.

“These are people that have spoken very positively about the Taliban and suicide bombings and roadside bombings and the fighting against coalition forces where we’ve lost Australian soldiers.

“These people should not be given a platform; they are vile, they are disgusting, they are barbaric.”

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