Police reported the incident in the town of Kongsberg, about 85km south-west of capital city Oslo just before 6:30pm (local time).
“We can unfortunately confirm that there are several injured and also unfortunately several killed in this episode,” Police Chief Øyvind Aas told a press conference on Wednesday night.
Mr Aas did not specify the number killed but said the suspect had been caught and “according to our information, is the only person implicated”.
Authorities have not ruled out the possibility of a terror attack.
“There is one person who has performed these actions alone. It is natural to consider whether it is an act of terrorism. 
“He has not been questioned and it is too early to come to any conclusion.”
“It is a tragedy for all those affected,” Mayor Kari Anne Sand told Norwegian newspaper VG, as cited by the BBC.
“I have no words.”
More to come.

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