Flash brings together more than 20 global and local news providers including Sky News Australia, BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, Fox News, GB News and the Wall Street Journal, for $8 per month.
The platform is integrated with the award-winning technical stack used by Kayo Sports and Binge and is supported by a dedicated editorial team to curate news stories and feature content from the platform’s suite of broadcast partners, effectively operating as both a breaking news platform featuring many of the world’s biggest outlets as well as a live and on-demand streaming product.
The launch of Flash has created more than a dozen new Australian media jobs, including the editorial team led by former Editor in Chief of news.com.au, Kate de Brito. 
De Brito told SkyNews.com.au that the Flash team is comprised of “a mix of people for editorial roles – some with video skills and others with digital news experience”.
Executive Director of Flash News Kate de Brito at the Foxtel Flash launch at Gravity Studios, Artarmon. Picture: Foxtel / Brett Costello
“Our Head of News James Law is an experienced editor who brings a wealth of experience in digital news and he is joined by our Content Manager Johnathan Barhoumeh who is very experienced in video news,” she said.
Flash CEO, Julian Ogrin, said: “Flash is a game-changer in news media. It will transform the way Australians consume the news that matters to them by bringing together the widest range of local and international live news sources in a single, easy to use, feature-packed service. 
“Flash will deliver greater control and more choice, providing access to the latest, breaking live and on demand news sources that Australians want, when they want it and where they want to watch it – at home, at work or on the go. 
“Flash is the latest product built on the world-class technology platform that streams our fast-growing Kayo Sports and Binge streaming services to almost two million Australians. It gives us the flexibility to continue to grow our news sources and drive innovation in the way people can consume news.”
CEO of Flash, Kayo and Bine Julian Ogrin at the Foxtel Flash launch at Gravity Studios, Artarmon. Picture: Foxtel / Brett Costello
When asked by SkyNews.com.au if Foxtel would be turning its attention to creating a fourth new streaming product next year, Ogrin wouldn’t be drawn, saying “we continue to look at the market for opportunities but right now our focus is on launching Flash and making it successful”.
Available on phones, tablets, PCs and TVs, Flash features user innovations including personalisation, allowing users to follow the opinions, topics and news that matter to them and FlashLists, the ability to create and save stories to watch later.
Soon after launch more features will be available including FlashPoint, providing every angle of every story and FlashNav, getting straight to the big moments of stories faster.
Flash brings together more than 20 news sources and is available on multiple devices for $8 per month. Picture: supplied.
In a slick launch presentation streamed from Gravity Studios in Sydney’s Artarmon on Tuesday afternoon, Minister for Communications Paul Fletcher joined via video link to congratulate Foxtel on “this exciting new service.”
“We all know that the way people consume news and other information is changing at an extraordinary rate and the innovation that Foxtel is demonstrating across all aspects of its product offering is certainly very much on display with the launch of Flash”, Mr Fletcher said.
Foxtel Group chief executive Patrick Delany has been driving a shift towards innovative streaming products within the media giant. Picture: Supplied
“I think this will quickly come to establish a significant place in the news market in Australia and I think we’re going to see many people quickly become used to going to Flash as a place where you can get perspectives and information on both national and global developments from some of the world’s leading news organisations and providers.
“So, congratulations Foxtel on the relentless innovation you’re showing in developing new products, giving Australians the very best that’s on offer and congratulations particularly on the launch of Flash”.
Foxtel has undertaken a strategic shift towards its streaming future over the past three years with the launch of Kayo Sports followed by the mid-pandemic rollout of entertainment service Binge.
Both new services have been a huge success for the Foxtel Group, with CEO Patrick Delany recently revealing at a strategy day that the network now has four million total subscribers, with a million of those added within the past 12 months driven by its streaming platforms.
The media powerhouse, which is the largest Australian media company based on revenue, also recently announced its streaming-led iQ5 set top box.
‘Flash’ is available to Australians now for $8 per month. You can subscribe or start a free trial here.

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