Australians have good reason to look forward to a great summer despite the nation’s labour market suffering as a result of state-enforced lockdowns, says Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.

The nation’s unemployment rate rose by 0.1 per cent during the month of September to 4.6 per cent with 138,000 jobs lost during the reporting period.

Mr Frydenberg says the latest figures serve as a “telling reminder” of the importance of state and territory leaders in sticking to National Cabinet’s roadmap out of COVID-19.

“This is a telling reminder of why we must stick to our plan agreed at National Cabinet, to reopen our economy safely,” he told reporters.

“And in New South Wales, we have some preliminary economic data which is positive – it shows that since New South Wales had 70 per cent double dose vaccination rates, more than 500,000 people have come off the COVID disaster payment.

“It’s still early days, but the signs are very positive: when you open up your economy, people get back to work.

“The quicker you open up, the economy, the quicker the recovery takes hold. This is a critical message.

“Over the course of the last week, we have seen business and consumer confidence increase.

“There are some positive signs there in the Australian economy that once we open up fully, jobs will come back and our recovery will even gain further pace.

“Australians have good reason to look forward to a great summer.”

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