Mr Perrottet appeared on Sky News Australia on Wednesday morning as NSW edges towards 80 per cent double-dose vaccination coverage, where he was asked whether he had spoken to Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk since stepping into the state’s top job.
“Yeah I have, we had a very constructive discussion and obviously those issues around the border will continue to be a challenge going forward,” he told host Peter Stefanovic.
“We spoke about health concerns and how we can help each other. As Treasurer, I had a very good relationship with Treasurers around the country and I would expect the same to occur with the Premiers.
Dominic Perrottet confirmed he has spoken to his Queensland counterpart about the border
“We’re not going to see eye-to-eye on issues but where we can work together, share information, particularly in relation to borders.
“I’ve spoken to Annastacia about the Queensland border and Dan Andrews about the Victorian border because the sooner we can get the borders open, the better that’s going to be.”
Mr Stefanovic then pressed further, asking the Premier whether Ms Palaszczuk has indicated when she would reopen the Sunshine State to NSW.
“She hasn’t at this stage and obviously they’re working through some of their own COVID challenges and that’s an issue in Queensland,” Mr Perrottet said.
NSW on track to hit 80 per cent double dose this week
“If you look at the vaccination rates in Queensland and Victoria, they’re also increasing at very good rates. I don’t think it’ll be too long before we’ll be able to have those announcements.”
Mr Stefanovic asked whether Queensland would open to its southern neighbour by Christmas, with Mr Perrottet replying, “I hope so”.
“I also expect the same for the Victorian border. Here in NSW, we’re a bit ahead of those issues because of where we’ve been with the vaccination rate and now opening up,” he said.
“The faster we can get the whole of Australia open but particularly the eastern seaboard borders open, the better it’s going to be. But obviously the premiers have to do that in a way that’s safe for their communities and vaccination is key.”
Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has been tight-lipped on when she would open the Sunshine State to NSW. Picture: NCA NewsWire/Tertius Pickard
Mr Perrottet was unable to confirm when Sydneysiders would be able to travel to the regions as the state prepares to reach 80 per cent double-dose and welcome the further easing of coronavirus restrictions.
He said a decision would be made during a meeting with health and economics teams on Thursday.
“Obviously in regional NSW, that vaccination rate is not as high as it as in the Greater Sydney region,” he explained, adding he was “not going to speculate” on the future of intrastate travel.
‘We’ve got to rejoin the world’: Perrottet calls for early border reopening
Mr Perrottet’s comments came as the Queensland government brought the border bubble back for six local government areas in northern NSW.
From 1.00am AEST on Wednesday, the following LGAs are no longer classified as restricted areas:
Bourke Shire
City of Broken Hill
Kyogle Council
Lismore City
Richmond Valley
Unincorporated Far West
Residents living in the “non-restricted” border zones are allowed to travel into Queensland for essential work and essential purposes. 
“Essential work means any work or volunteering that cannot be reasonably done from home. People crossing the border for essential work will need to have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Essential purposes include attending school and receiving medical care. Travel across the border for recreation or social visits is not permitted,” the Queensland government says.
NSW, including locked down Greater Sydney, reopened to the fully vaccinated on Monday amid an outbreak of the highly contagious Delta strain.

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