Both of the big political parties are now saying Australia should jump from the “fossil fuel plane” with “no parachute,” according to Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

It comes as the Coalition is debating a pathway to net zero emissions by 2050, while pressure builds on Australia to commit to a target ahead of the COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

“You’re in an airplane. The pilot says jump out. Says, don’t worry, I’ll figure out some kind parachute and get it to you before you hit the ground,” Mr Bolt said.

“Insane right? But that is exactly the insanity we have right now with all these global warming hysterics saying get rid of coal. Get rid of the fossil fuels that for decades gave Australia the cheap reliable electricity that’s helped to make us rich.

“I’m definitely not saying the latest green technologies we’re being sold won’t work, but excuse me if I hold on to my wallet; you should too, because all these brilliant new technologies come with a catch.

“They are being flogged by people asking for government grants, subsidies, quotas and taxes on their competition, all to give them a leg-up, and that’s got to be suspicious.

“But governments are now so desperate to seem green … that they’re hand billions of dollars to just about any green carpetbag with a smile and a shoe shine.

“See, this is a religion, so we’re supposed to just jump from the fossil fuel airplane and trust that the green gods will somehow catch us before the whole country goes splat.”

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