A Victorian mother has spoken of her distress and helplessness as she watched COVID “rip through” her family and almost kill her daughter – all while battling the virus herself.

Michelle, mother of daughter Saela who was transferred to ICU and put on a ventilator under a coma, said she pleaded with doctors to “save my baby”.

Michelle told a media conference on Wednesday the doctor said her daughter was the “sickest person in Eastern Health”.

“COVID, without the protection of the vaccine had done this to her. There was no other reason she was in ICU. Last week she was in school and next week she was in a coma,” she told reporters.

Michelle then said at the same time the rest of her family began to be struck severely by the virus.

“My older son was becoming sicker. He was going through his relapse. He had high fevers and nausea and I was so worried about him because he was unvaccinated.

“And then my husband started coughing up blood. He didn’t tell me at first. But I found out. His coughs were so powerful it left him weak. He struggled to breathe. He struggled to lift his head up and even keep his eyes open.

“And again I saw another ambulance take another one of my family members away to a different hospital and I was like, come on, who next? Seriously.

“I was broken. I wanted to be with my daughter, my husband, but I was still so sick with COVID myself. I couldn’t risk another person getting this and I started to grieve.

“I thought someone was going to die and it was much easier for me to prepare for a loss than to hope.”

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