The Australia Institute’s Richie Merzian says countries will want to see Australia bringing “fresh targets to the table” rather than climate projections for the future.

The Energy Minister Angus Taylor has told MPs the federal government are not looking at a medium-term climate target for 2030 or 2035 but merely a projection.

“A projection will be received poorly, I mean it’s just a guesstimate of where things will go and if it’s any indication, Australia’s projections have been wrong significantly over the last ten years, constantly projecting that emissions would be higher,” Mr Merzian.

“That’s why probably the New South Wales government didn’t just project it’ll reduce emissions by 50 per cent this decade, they locked it into a target.

“That’s what countries will want to see, Australia actually bringing fresh targets to the table.

“An NDC, a Nationally Determined Contribution, which is what countries need to put on the table, needs to be a target, it needs to be something your government is promising to deliver, not something your government thinks might happen; that’s the real difference.”

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