On Monday Mr Perrottet appeared alongside Deputy Premier Paul Toole and NSW Treasurer Matt Kean at Watson’s in Moore Park to speak about the reopening of the hospitality industry and relaxed restrictions.
Footage showed Mr Toole and the Premier drinking a beer while standing up at the pub, which is banned under COVID-19 restrictions.
Premier Dominic Perrottet escaped a fine after he was captured drinking a beer indoors while standing up. Picture: Brook Mitchell/Getty Images
But NSW Police have said there was no fine issued after using “discretion” and added the venue was closed to the public at the time of the press conference.
“Compliance with COVID-19 restrictions within a venue are the responsibility of the business owner/manager,” a NSW Police spokesperson said.
“In this instance, which was an organised media event before the venue opened to patrons, police have applied discretion.”
Police officers from the Surry Hills area have since spoken to the hotel licensee and decided not to fine the venue but did remind them of the restrictions.
Under the restrictions the owner of Watson’s could have been fined up to $5,000 for the breach.
‘Demand for bookings is very good’ amid eased restrictions in New South Wales
At the media conference Mr Perrottet urged punters heading to the pub to show respect and patience to waiters and bar staff.
“There will be many young people pulling beers today … who will be doing this for the first time and adjusting to the new system,” he told the media.
“So please be patient and look out for them as we move through this period of time.”
The hospitality industry, hair and beauty clinics and retail venues opened on Monday after the state reached 70 per cent double dose vaccination last week.
The NSW Premier was not the only politician who was captured drinking a beer while standing up on Monday with the Michelle Rowland MP caught standing up at the Blacktown Workers Club.
Premier Dominic Perrottet and Deputy Premier Pail Toole drink a beer before holding a media conference at Watson’s Pub in Moore Park. Picture: Brook Mitchell/Getty Images
Mr Perrottet’s escape comes after Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews was fined $400 last week for twice breaching the public health orders.
Mr Andrews was caught on camera arriving at a press conference without a mask on two occasions.
Last month former Prime Minister Tony Abbott was also fined after he was caught without a face covering in a breach of the public health orders.
While Mr Abbott paid the $500 fine, he defended himself to the media adding that he did not think “dobbing and snitching” was part of the Australian character.
Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews fined over mask breach
“I just want to say two things. First, I believe that I was well within the law, reasonably interpreted,” he said.
“But I am not going to challenge the fine because I am not going to waste police time.
“Second, I never thought dobbing and snitching was part of the Australian character.
“I think as soon as we can leave this health police state mindset behind us, the better for everyone.”

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