Sydneysiders have been gripped by a “real sense of loss” after the shock resignation of Gladys Berejiklian with many residents lamenting ICAC’s untimely investigation as a move that “fouled” the former premier “out of the game”.

Ms Berejiklian opted to resign days out from the state’s reopening after the state’s anti-corruption watchdog announced a probe into the former premier’s conduct during her tenure in the state’s top job.

“There’s a real sense of loss and a real sense that Gladys was in there fighting the good fight on behalf, making the tough decisions and she’s been fouled out of the game at a critical point and there’s a sense of unease,” Redbridge Group’s director Simon Welsh told Sky News Australia.

“People are looking at the umpire, they’re looking at ICAC and saying, ‘why now?’ These allegations, these issues aren’t new, they’ve been around for two years, they’ll be around for a few more months from now – why now?

“So, people are putting aside, they’re not saying there should be no investigation, they’re not saying she’s innocent, all they’re saying is, ‘gee, the timing of this really sucks’.

“It’s a critical moment and our star performer, the woman that we’ve put a lot of faith in, has now been fouled out of the game.”

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