NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet says Canterbury-Bankstown and areas of Western Sydney are a focus while monitoring COVID-19 case numbers.

“Regular contact already this morning with the health minister, we’ll be going through some of that health advice today and see how things are tracking,” Mr Perrottet said.

“But I don’t want a tale of two cities; I want our city to open up as one, together, and the people of Western Sydney have made more sacrifices than most during this period of time, being in those affected LGAs.

“With the beaches last year, it’s Western Sydney this year, and what a great thing today that Sydney as one opens up together and we’ll continue to monitor the situation as we move through.

“But the best thing that we can do is continue to keep the social distancing in place, there’s still face mask wearing inside, obviously not outside, but just follow those rules because if we work together on this, we’ll get through safely.”

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