While the Morrison government is inevitably moving towards net zero by 2050 it doesn’t mean there can’t be a serious discussion about the “cost of transition,” says Sky News host Paul Murray.

“Death, taxes, net zero by 2050, it feels like everyone in a position to decide things for us has decided that is the way things should be and the way things will be whether we like it or not,” he said.

“And the prime minister has made it very obvious that that is where he is going to land.

“Now whether he does it via a formal swearing of an oath in Glasgow, the signing of a piece of paper in Canberra, the passing of a piece of legislation or an aspirational target, who knows, but his language is very clear.

“Just because that is the inevitability of where the government is going does not mean we cannot talk about the issue that has been the central problem for Australians for the past 10 years – cost of transition.”

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