As long as Donald Trump doesn’t deny he’s going to run for the presidency, no Republican can even consider putting themselves forth as a contender, according to Cypress College’s Professor Peter Matthews.

It comes as the former US president is set to return to the spotlight today when he stages a campaign-style rally in Iowa.

The rally comes as Mr Trump stays quiet on a possible second run for the Presidency in 2024.

Fresh polling shows he is more popular in the state of Iowa since he left the White House.

53 per cent of Iowans view Mr Trump favourably with 91 per cent of Republicans in the state supporting the former President.

“He’s back right now because … he’s got millions of followers still who support him – and that’s the key,” Prof Matthews told Sky News Australia.

“Someone as popular as that with millions of people has a good chance of winning the primary election if he runs for president in 2024 – he’ll be the one to be the nominee … because then it’ll be a rerun of 2020 again.

“His followers are enthusiastic about it and the Democrats are loathing and worrying about it.”

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