Business Weekend sat down with four of the country’s top marketing executives to discover where they’re finding bang for their marketing bucks as the pandemic pushes companies to think differently.

Officeworks’ Jess Richmond said the company shifted to more digital channels, and click and collect became a really important way to connect with customers.

“That allowed us to be more nimble around product selection and be more responsive to those changes in stock conditions,” she said.

Meat & Livestock Australia’s Nathan Low said the company made a “really brave” decision to lean into the way Australians where feeling about border closures for the summer lamb campaign.

“It really resonated with people, at one point we were the number one trending video on YouTube,” he said.

“Ultimately, our ad was viewed over 10 million times on YouTube, but more importantly for us and our industry stakeholders we actually drove double-digit sales growth off the back of that.”

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