People suffering from the syndrome can experience migraines, nausea, dizziness and memory lapses.
Berlin police have revealed the spate of cases may have been the result of an “alleged sonic attack on employees of the US Embassy” which they are continuing to investigate.
Havana syndrome first appeared in 2016 when dozens of diplomats at the US Embassy in Havana, Cuba complained of the illness.
Berlin police are investigating the source of infection after 200 Americans and their families were struck down with Havana syndrome at the US Embassy in Berlin. Picture: Paul Zinken/picture alliance via Getty Images
US President Joe Bien has signed legislation to provide financial aid to government personnel believed to be suffering from the illness to ensure America is doing its “utmost” to assist those affected.
“I want to thank Congress for passing it with unanimous bipartisan support, sending the clear message that we take care of our own,” Mr Biden said.
“Addressing these incidents has been a top priority for my Administration … Protecting Americans and all those who serve our country is our first duty, and we will do everything we can to care of our personnel and their families.”
The President noted his government will put forward all its resources to provide “first-class medical care” but also to “determine the cause and who is responsible” for the incident.
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“Civil servants, intelligence officers, diplomats, and military personnel all around the world have been affected by anomalous health incidents,” Mr Biden added.
“Some are struggling with debilitating brain injuries that have curtailed their careers of service to our nation.”
A spokesperson for the US Embassy said a US investigation was being carried out on cases worldwide but declined to comment on specific incidents, Reuters reported.
Austrian authorities reported in July this year they were working with the US to uncover the cause of a reported number of cases of Havana syndrome among US diplomats in Vienna.
In the same month, about 100 CIA officers and their families were among about 200 US officials and family members also struck down with the syndrome.
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Reuters reported CIA Director William Burns said in an interview a possible theory put forward by a US National Academy of Sciences panel was the syndrome was caused by “directed energy” beams.
He also flagged it was possible the syndrome was intentionally caused and suggested Russia could be held responsible but said nothing conclusive would be known until the investigation was completed.

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