The policewoman sensationally resigned from the Victoria Police after appearing on an independent media show The Discernible Interviews on Friday night.
She told the show Victoria Police was no longer independent from the Andrews government and requirements for police to enforce harsh new directions had “troubled” her greatly.
Sergeant Mitchell said she was currently working in the gender equality and inclusion command which she described as “the best job I’ve ever had”.
Acting Sergeant Krystle Mitchell takes part in an interview via Discernable
“There was a big thought process and battle of morals and integrity within me about what I wanted to do and how I see my organisation being used during this pandemic and it troubled me greatly,” she said.
“But behind that is all of my friends that are police officers that are working the front line and are suffering every day enforcing CHO directions, that certainly the great majority don’t believe in and don’t want to enforce.”
Sergeant Mitchell resigned from Victoria Police on Friday morning before the interview went live later that evening, saying the consequences of speaking frankly to the public would result in her dismissal.
“I’m choosing to quit because I can’t remedy in my soul any more the way in which the organisation I love to work for is being used and the damage that it’s causing to the reputation of Victoria Police and the damage it is causing the community.”
Acting Sergeant Krystle Mitchell takes part in an interview after resigning from Victoria Police over tough health orders which cops are required to enforce.
She said Victoria Police’s response to anti-vaccination and anti-lockdown protests across Melbourne were particularly damaging.
The organisation has distanced themselves from her comments in a statement released on Saturday which read, “the comments in this interview in no way reflect the views of Victoria Police”.
“For the past 18 months, our members have been working tirelessly to enforce chief health officer directions aimed at slowing the spread of coronavirus to keep all Victorians healthy and to save lives.
“The CHO directions are based on health advice and set by the Victorian Government. Victoria Police cannot pick and choose what laws it enforces.”
Sergeant Mitchell claims a group of at least 200 police officers oppose the vaccine mandate imposed by the Andrews government on the force.
“It is vital our employees are vaccinated in-line with the government’s recent mandate,” Victoria Police said on Saturday.
“This ensures that their colleagues and the community are not at risk from the spread of the virus by police.
Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews fined over mask breach
“While individual employees have important human rights, these must be weighed against the interests of the community during this public health emergency.”
It comes after a review in the police response to violent protests in Melbourne last month revealed tactical shortcomings and concerns about inadequate training.
Ten police officers were injured when protests turned violent in Kew on September 18. 
Thousands of Melbournians to exit quarantine early under changes to isolation protocols
The review was conducted by the Police Association and recommended urgent changes to how the force handles future demonstrations.
It found members felt let down by Victoria Police and that the force failed to protect them.
At least 1,000 members expressed anger over the incident and said they were ill-equipped to handle the violence.

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