The new Delta strain circulating in Western Sydney emerged from a returned overseas traveller, Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant has revealed.

Dr Chant confirmed investigations as to the origins of the variant remain under investigation but reassured residents early analysis suggests the strain is not “any more transmissible”.

“As a routine, we do progressively do special testing on all of the isolates and we’ve detected a genome of the Delta strain which is different from that that was previously transmitting in our community,” she said.

“We’ve linked that back to a person who returned from overseas but the exact mechanism of how that new Delta strain emerged and got into the community in Western Sydney is still under investigation.

“So, we will update you as those investigations continue but I want to reassure you that there’s nothing about this Delta strain from looking at the genomics that suggested it’s any more transmissible.

“So, in essence, it is another Delta strain circulating in the community.”

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