Outgoing ABC News director Gaven Morris faced a “string of issues” at the national broadcaster, according to The Australian’s Sophie Elsworth.

During his exit interview, Mr Morris was asked about flak he has gotten from the Morrison government and whether it has increased in recent years.

“I genuinely don’t think it has, I think in a job like this you get full and frank and fearless feedback from all sorts of different people,” Mr Morris said.

According to Ms Elsworth, Mr Morris had been in the role for six years and there is “no doubt it’s a tough role”.

“From all reports that I’ve had talking to people on this, Mr Morris had simply had enough,” she said.

“He’s had the defamation cases, he had the Christian Porter saga, George Pell, the list goes on and on; I heard that he was absolutely over the job, he’d been wanting out for some time.”

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