Hairdressers have warned caps on clients could pose a threat to the mental health of workers in the industry with the Australian Hairdressing Council’s CEO Sandy Chong saying the restrictions are “creating so much stress” ahead of NSW’s reopening.

A five-client cap has been placed on hair salons across the state ahead of an easing of restrictions across New South Wales next Monday.

“If I think about the hairdressing industry though, they’re (hairdressers) really happy to go back to work and do what they love doing best, but of course, there’s a lot of angst around that five-client cap,” Ms Chong told Sky News Australia.

“It’s creating so much stress for them just trying to accommodate everybody who’s desperate to get a haircut.

“The dilemma is the five-client cap because if you’ve got a waiting list and clients are really desperate to get their hair done, it’s just creating a lot of angst and we’re really worried about some of our hairdressers’ mental health as well.

“We’re really not sure why we were given that five client cap.

“We can understand that we can’t social distance, but the protocols in place this year are very different to last year, so I think it’s very unfair.”

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