Prime Minister Scott Morrison has thrown his support behind the “cautious” amendments made to the New South Wales roadmap, insisting the additional easing of restrictions are “consistent with the health advice”.

“They are acting as they always have in New South Wales, consistent with the health advice, that has been provided to them,” he said.

“We’re still at 70%. I think the measures that have been taken still remain cautious.

“You still can’t go to church and sing and all of these sorts of things; there’s still the low to medium level public health safety social measures, I should say, that are in place; there’s test, trace, isolate and quarantine measures, they’re still in place and all of that combined, I think, provides the protection which the Doherty modelling says is necessary.

“So, I think they’re moving in step with that advice and that’s clearly what they’re receiving from the chief health officer in New South Wales.

“I have no doubt the New South Wales government will proceed safely and cautiously. But they won’t be holding back at the same time the important freedoms that I think people have worked hard to achieve.”

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