On Tuesday evening at about 6.30pm Mr Kean was walking from State Parliament to government offices when he came across the collapsed runner with a crowd of people surrounding him outside 60 Martin Place.
The 43-year-old runner was receiving CPR from a local pharmacist when Mr Kean arrived at the scene and called an ambulance before he offered to take over.
The newly elected Treasurer was trained in first aid by the St John Ambulance from his time in the Rural Fire Service and was able to assist the man until an ambulance he called arrived.
Newly elected Treasurer Matt Kean helped a collapsed runner in Martin Place. Picture: AAP Image/Joel Carrett
Mr Kean downplayed his involvement by telling 2GB radio he was just in the right place at the right time and “just went and helped out like anyone would have done”.
“I don’t want to make a thing of it, but there was a gentleman that was in a bit of trouble and there was a lovely lady, and she was trying to help him, and she was doing CPR, and I was just on the scene at the time,” he said.
When paramedics arrived they assessed the man and took him to St Vincent’s hospital in a critical condition.
Bystanders and NSW Ambulance inspector Kay Armstrong praised the Treasurer’s quick thinking.
“The bystanders who assisted this patient yesterday (Tuesday) should be commended for taking action until paramedics arrived,” she said, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.
New South Wales’ economy in ‘good shape’ under Perrottet and Kean
“You never know when you might need to perform CPR on someone – it could be a friend or family member or, like yesterday, someone you are passing in the street who needs your help.
“Circumstances can change in an instant and having the knowledge and skills to respond until paramedics arrive could save a life.”
Police who arrived at the scene also acknowledged Mr Kean and the woman’s CPR treatment.
The 43-year-old runner has made a good recovery in hospital.
Mr Kean, who is also the Environment and Energy Minister, was sworn in as Treasurer of the state on Tuesday after former Treasurer Dominic Perrottet was elected as state Premier following Gladys Berejiklian’s resignation.

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