China’s recent incursion into Taiwanese airspace was in retaliation for the AUKUS alliance, which has been viewed in Beijing as an act of “provocation”, says Sky News US contributor Michael Ware.

Approximately 150 Chinese military aircraft have entered the island’s air zone across four days since last Friday, with experts fearing relations with China are at their lowest in 40 years.

“It’s clearly for messaging. Australia might even have a hand in that because every time Taiwan receives global support, China feels it has to respond,” Mr Ware told Sky News Australia.

“Now Lithuania gave Taiwan a de facto embassy this week, and also, they cited the AUKUS agreement as a kind of tacit support for Taiwan and consider that a possible provocation.

“But, most importantly, it’s for China’s domestic, political audience: this week is what’s called National Day Golden Week, it’s a week-long commemoration of the birth of the People’s Republic of China and, not coincidentally these sorties began on the first day of Golden Week.

“To give you a sense of what Golden Week is like, it’s hyper-nationalism celebrated.”

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