Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations Tony Burke has reignited calls for the establishment of purpose-built quarantine facilities, calling on the government to take precautionary steps to safeguard the nation’s public health.

“The truth is, with this pandemic, this virus is still bouncing around and mutating and doing so fast,” he told Sky News Australia.

“Those different strains will continue to arise and will continue to come to Australia.

“With something like this going around the world, to have the extra security of having purpose-built quarantine facilities, I’d rather take the bet on the precaution rather than keep testing our luck which has been part of the mess of 2021.

“What I do know is when the Delta strain started to circulate in the world, if we had these systems in place, Australia would have been a much safer place.

“While we don’t know what is coming, we have seen, with this pandemic, that there is a whole lot of structures that you can put in place and purpose-built quarantine is a classic.”

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