More than 1,200 were stood down on paid leave on Thursday after they refused to receive at least one dose of a COVID-19 jab.
However the payments were due to expire in two weeks leading to hundreds of health employees going to a vaccination hub, GP and pharmacy for a shot ahead of “Freedom Day” on October 11.
At least 136 NSW Health workers have quit over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Picture: Getty
The health union told 7 News it was not overly concerned or surprised and given the scale of the workforce of 140,000 workers, the loss was “negligible”. 
More resignations are expected in the coming weeks with modelling suggesting October will be the peak period for COVID-19 hospital admissions.
“All the modelling indicates to us the peak (in cases) is likely to be here in the next week or two and the peak in hospitalisation and intensive care is likely to be with us in October,” former Premier Gladys Berejiklian said in a September press conference.
Protesters arrested in Melbourne
A group of Queensland police officers have also quit over the mandatory vaccine mandate.
Officers had to receive at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by October 4 but “handfuls” from each district decided to resign, Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski revealed.
“The numbers are quite low, we have had some people resign and that number changes on a daily basis, but the numbers are low,” he said.
“We expect, at the end of the day, there’ll be very few numbers that will refuse, some people will, and we’re working through that at the moment.”
Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski revealed a “handful” of Queensland police officers from some districts in the state have resigned over the jab mandate. Picture: Getty Images
Deputy Commission Gollschewski said it was still to be determined how many have resigned across the state.
“Look, I’m saying a handful per district across the state. We are collating those figures as we speak and will have a clearer view later in the week,” he said.
Just last week seven officers and 13 health workers, including paramedics, successfully won a court challenge to extend the mandate but will need to seek an exemption to continue working. 
The case returns to court October 12. 

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