Sunday Telegraph National Weekend Political Editor James Campbell says there was a “long, protracted, and unpleasant” negotiation involving a replacement for the Country Fire Authority EBA in Victoria.

On Wednesday it was reported that IBAC is looking at the Premier’s dealings with the United Firefighters Union in relation to a long running probe sparked in 2019.

“To paint the picture, the metropolitan fire brigade is what any organisation looks like when it’s got total union dominance, they have a thing called essentially the veto clause in their EBA which means any dispute is sent off to a committee which involves management and the union,” Mr Campbell told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

“What the UFU wanted was a similar arrangement in the CFA, which is comprised of some paid fire fighters and the vast majority were volunteers.

“The assumption and the discussion amongst even people high up in the government is whatever they have on him, it must be bad as one of his ministers once said to me.”

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