Business columnist Terry McCrann says the “basic reality” is if the United Kingdom want to keep electricity running then it will have to keep using coal and gas.

It comes as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced plans for a fossil fuel-free power grid by 2035, but says the country has “got to get back to nuclear”.

“The bottom line, the UK is going around in ever decreasing circles because although Boris Johnson is now saying ‘we have to get back into nuclear if we’re going to get rid of coal’, the fact is, Britain is committed to closing its nuclear-powered stations,” Mr McCrann told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

“They’re getting old and worn out, so Britain really needs to embark on a crash course in building nuclear power stations if it’s going to get anywhere near doing that and it’s probably not going to be able to do that before 2035.

“So once again we’ve got the host of this conference, the British UK Prime Minister, who’s grand standing and virtue signalling, even with that caveat about nuclear, when it’s all complete nonsense, it’s all complete undeliverable fantasy.”

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