Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the freedom to challenge, question, and offend “all go together”.

“I raise this because Lars Vilks died on Sunday … and the only reason you might have heard of him is that 14 years ago he drew a cartoon that blew up his world,” Mr Bolt said.

“It was a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad, drawn on the body of a dog … Vilks did his cartoon in part because he also believed in freedom, including the freedom to question religions and the freedom to do something that offends.”

Vilks – a Swedish artist – was condemned by a number of countries over the cartoon, which saw a number of protests by Muslims break out.

“But then it got very serious, Vilks was the star of a discussion on free speech at a Copenhagen cafe … a gunman looking for Vilks burst in and started shooting … after that, Vilks decided he couldn’t put any more people in danger and basically kept out of sight,” Mr Bolt said.

Mr Bolt said other cartoonists after Lars Vilks have insisted on their right to mock anything and any religion.

“They were cartoonists of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which ran a picture of Muhammad, several pictures, in 2015. Two Muslim gunmen then stormed their office and killed 12 people,” he said.

“There were huge protests in the West … Vilks has died, and his cause, the cause of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, that’s died with them.”

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