Hundreds of CFMEU and other construction workers protested outside the union’s headquarters two weeks ago against a vaccine mandate for the sector.
Four positive cases were linked to the violent protests held outside the head office in Melbourne were recorded last week.
Mr Setka confirmed seven cases in total had emerged including elderly parents of protesters and two babies, calling the event a “tragedy”.
“The tragedy is that due to the actions of these reckless and selfish protesters, many of these members families who have been infected are very sick with the delta virus,” he said.
Riot police out in force in Melbourne CBD as essential workers sent home
“These protesters are just selfish idiots with absolutely no care for anyone other than themselves. The have caused enormous stress and heartache for members families’ who were just doing their job on the day of the protest.
“The CFMEU along with the Building Industry Group of unions are committed to continuing to work tirelessly to get everyone back to work and do our bit to help stop the spread of this virus which doesn’t discriminate.”
Following the protests on the Monday, the Andrews government introduced a two-week state-wide ban on construction.
The decision fuelled further protests across the city on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Melbourne’s construction sites to reopen
The construction industry has now returned to 25 per cent capacity.
“While we welcome construction opening back up to 25% today, these members won’t be going back to work and along with their families will be in quarantine for 2 weeks with the added stress of so many family members being very sick and some hospitalised,” Mr Setka said.
The CFMEU office was listed as tier one exposure site last week forcing Mr Setka into 14 days isolation, while the outside of the building was declared a tier 2 site.
It is believed some of the protesters have fallen severely ill with COVID-19.

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