Asked whether she “did the wrong thing” in the way she dealt with her former boyfriend Daryl Maguire, Mr Perrottet said “obviously it’s in the hands of the Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC)”, and praised her leadership as Premier of New South Wales.
“Gladys Berejiklian has been an amazing Premier for our state, she’s taught me a lot. I have had the opportunity to work so closely with her,” he told Sky News Australia Political Editor Andrew Clennell.
“Her tireless dedication and servant leadership to the people of NSW has been second to none, she will go down as a great Premier of our state.
Dominic Perrottet: ‘I have committed not just to lead, but to serve’
“But look, they’ll be challenges, I’m not going to comment on them because I don’t have the details. But I believe that she is a person of high integrity and she’s someone who’s worked tirelessly for people of our state.
“New South Wales is better today because of Gladys Berejiklian.”
The father-of-six, who held a press conference following Tuesday’s party room ballot,  said he is optimistic the state is on track for a “very good summer” after a “difficult time” battling the Delta strain.
“Unexpected change can bring uncertainty, and sometimes, many, they can feel unsettling. But as hard as it may be, we all have a duty as a state to keep going,” Mr Perrottet said.
“Today, begins a new chapter for New South Wales.”

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