Mr Stokes said he was “confident” he would win the party room ballot on Tuesday to decide the next Liberal Party leader and Premier after he announced his intention to run on Saturday.
The position of Premier was left vacant after Ms Berejiklian’s shock resignation last Friday following the Independent Commission Against Corruption’s decision to launch an investigation.
Mr Stokes will run against Treasurer Dominic Perrottet who officially put his hat in the ring on Sunday after reports emerged that a deal had been struck between members of the moderate and conservative factions.
Mr Perrottet announced on Sunday that he had formed a ticket with Jobs Minister Stuart Ayres who would serve as his Deputy should the pair win a party room ballot.
The ticket has received the blessing from moderate faction boss and Environment Minister Matt Kean who is understood to be in line to become Treasurer under Mr Perrottet.
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Mr Stokes said his leadership rival was a “good friend” and had a “lot of great qualities”, but the state’s top job should not be left to powerbrokers to decide.
“I just believe in terms of experience, I offer more,” Mr Stokes said outside his northern beaches home on Monday.
“I feel very confident that I have every chance of being successful, but after all the main game here is to give a choice to the people of the party room.
“We are a democratic society; I think there could be nothing more appropriate than leaving the choice in the hands of the members of the parliament who represent the people of NSW. I don’t think it’s appropriate to leave the choice to factional heavyweights.”
Dominic Perrottet likely NSW premier, Rob Stokes still in the hunt
Mr Stokes, who is a member of the NSW crisis cabinet, committed to following the current roadmap out of lockdown and said he provided stability and consensus.
“I believe I can offer stability, I can offer consensus, my heart is very consensus driven. I believe in people, I believe in empowering people,” Mr Stokes said.
“I am committed to ensuring that the vision that we have put forward based on health advice based on the Doherty report is the right roadmap.”
The Planning Minister promised to increase female representation in Cabinet should he win and said his colleagues were “telling me to run”.
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“I certainly believe that whoever is successful in being the next Premier of NSW needs to ensure that women’s voices are heard at a more senior level,” he said.
“If I’m elected as Premier, I’m committed to significantly increasing representation of women in the senior ranks of the NSW ministry.
“I’m looking to ensure that the executive better represents the community they serve.”
The Liberal Party is expected to meet on Tuesday to decide the state’s next Premier in a leadership ballot.

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