The Australian’s National Editor Dennis Shanahan says some states are engaging in “petty politics” in an attempt to “blame someone else for their own errors”.

This comes as Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas complained the Morrison government had not provided support for the state’s construction industry and claimed it had favoured New South Wales.

“It’s all based on a couple of bits of false logic,” he told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“Victoria didn’t include the construction industry in the package.

“Secondly, these COVID payments are not like some sharing out of the GST where every state gets a certain amount.

“The comparisons being made, oh well look NSW got more than Victoria – yes it did.

“NSW has been in lockdown longer and seeking the assistance for the construction industry for longer.

“This is the petty politics we see from the states, particularly when they start to feel the squeeze of the federal funding starting to be cut off.”

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