Gladys Berejiklian is now “veritably hoisted on her own petard,” according to Sky News host Alan Jones.

Ms Berejiklian resigned last week as premier of New South Wales amid news she is being investigated by ICAC.

“It is not Gladys Berejiklian who should be in the dock, but ICAC itself,” Mr Jones said.

“Yes, we do need a body to investigate corruption in public office, but in many ways the former premier has been hoisted on her own petard.

“I can’t remember how many times … I have sought to persuade her government to reform the ICAC machinery, this is an outfit that seems to thrive on the bloodsport of destroying the reputations of high-profile people.

“Her government did nothing about it; it is a sadness that she is now veritably hoisted on her own petard.

“Berejiklian along with a raft of others before her deserve a public apology.”

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