NSW will have a new Premier by tomorrow and it’s highly likely it will be Dominic Perrottet after a deal was struck after two days of factional infighting.

Dominic Perrottet was always the frontrunner ever since Gladys Berejiklian resigned.

Originally it was going to be Dominic Perrottet and then Matt Kean the environment minister as deputy; but it wasn’t enough to bring the moderate faction in.

It’s been reported as well they were worried about losing Western Sydney support if that was the duo.

The concern has now seen Matt Kean as treasurer and Stuart Ayres the tourism minister as deputy; reportedly now getting enough votes of support in the party room.

The other contender Planning Minister Rob Stokes still has his hat in the ring but will be consulting colleagues later on Monday afternoon to assess his options.

Mr Perrottet affirmed on Sunday “We believe this is the team that will provide stability, unity and experience to continue the great work of Premier Gladys Berejiklian and our entire team to ensure NSW comes out the other side much stronger”.

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