The latest Newspoll published in The Australian which surveyed 1,545 people between last Wednesday and Saturday shows support for ‘other’ which includes the Clive Palmer-backed United Australia Party (UAP) has reached its highest level since 2017.
The ‘other’ vote has hit 13 per cent, surpassing the two key minor parties – One Nation and the Greens – for the first time since at least 2017.
Pauline Hanson’s One Nation has seen its primary vote drop by one point which equals a post-election low of two per cent, while the Greens gained a point now sitting at 11 per cent.
While the support for fringe parties has not directly come at the expense of the Coalition’s primary vote this survey it does indicate an ongoing split in the conservative vote.
Newspoll analysis shows Labor ‘are competitive’: Conroy
The Coalition’s primary vote has slowly declined since its highest point this February dropping from 42 to 37 per cent where it has remained for the last two polls.
The ‘other’ vote which features the UAP and the Liberal Democrats has improved by five points in the same period.
On a two-party-preferred basis the Labor Party remains firmly in front– unchanged at 53-47 per cent – but the ALP has dropped a point in terms of primary vote to 37 per cent.
The Prime Minister’s approval rating increased by two points to 48 per cent after a week of international summits including bilateral meetings with US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
The Liberal Party is in ‘massive trouble everywhere’: Alan Jones
Mr Morrison did suffer a one-point fall in those who disapproved with his performance as leader with his net approval rating sitting at minus-one.
The result reflects an overall downturn in support for the Prime Minister, who has experienced a 21-point fall from his peak this year in May.
But Mr Morrison still leads Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese as preferred Prime Minister 47 per cent to 34 per cent.
Mr Albanese’s net-approval rating remains unchanged at minus 10.

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