In a critical milestone, Australia is set to pass the 80 per cent first dose target this week, according to Health Minister Greg Hunt.

Mr Hunt said the nation’s COVID vaccination rate is now at 79.6 per cent first dose and 56.9 per cent double dose.

“There are less than 85,000 Australians who need to come forward to achieve the 80 per cent mark,” he said at a media conference on Monday.

“We are now at 90 per cent first dose for over 50s, we are at over 95 per cent first dose for over 70s, that’s an extraordinary national achievement.

“We’re now at an almost unimaginable 99.4 per cent amongst aged care workers.”

Mr Hunt said the milestones did not stop there.

“500,000 young people aged 12 to 15 who have already stepped forward to be precise, 528,000 12 to 15-year-old Australians who in three weeks have had a first vaccination.

“To all the young Australians who have stepped forward, including my young guy last week, thank you very much and I really appreciate what you are doing.”

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