United Australia Party Chairman Clive Palmer has discussed with Sky News Australia his thoughts on trade and policy with China as well as his party’s vision to make Australia “a better country”.

In an exclusive interview, Mr Palmer said China wants to demonstrate to the world that “what they say goes”.

“You’ve got to remember the Chinese government’s run by the Chinese Communist Party and the party is the supreme body – and they don’t want to have countries taking independent stances against their will,” Mr Palmer told Sky News Queensland Editor Peter Gleeson.

Mr Palmer also discussed his party’s membership base – claiming it’s 60,000-strong.

Mr Gleeson pointed out after the interview that Mr Palmer’s membership figures required “fact checking”.

“We’ve done some fact checking and some context checking around his membership figures,” he said.

“Palmer says with 60,000 members his party has more members than the Liberal and Labor parties combined.

“The two big parties on their websites – they say differently.

“The Labor Party says it’s got 60,000 members and of course the Liberal Party says it has between 50-60,000 members.”

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