Airtasker CEO Tim Fung has revealed some of the most bizarre tasks posted on Airtasker, and spoken about the company’s rise from start-up to the stock market in a wide-ranging interview with Sky News host Chris Smith.

“Maybe I’m a little bit desensitised to what is bizarre, we’re seeing close to 10,000 tasks a day being posted on the platform,” Mr Fung said.

“Some notable ones is the lady that wanted to be walked down the aisle in a Star Wars themed wedding, and she wanted to be walked down the aisle with storm troopers by her side.

“More recently, through our superstore, where you can buy pre-packaged services, we’ve actually seen a really interesting one.

“A man named Chilli Phil offering to crochet custom hats for people in their own likeness.

“So, if you want to get a crochet hat that looks like you, you can get that on Airtasker now.”

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