The world is “laughing” at US President Joe Biden’s inability to confront the danger posed by China, according to Republican Senator Tom Cotton.

President Biden gave his first speech to the United Nations since being elected eight months ago.

During the address the US president focussed primarily on the environment, pledging America would allocate $11 billion towards helping developing countries mitigate the damage done by climate change.

Senator Cotton told Fox News President Biden made a serious error by not mentioning China at all during his first major global address since becoming commander-in-chief.

“A lot of the world sees Joe Biden and just laughs at the statement he made yesterday,” the senator said.

“Of course, we don’t seek a new cold war. We would rather have peace with all nations.

“But when China is waging a cold war against the United States, we don’t have a choice whether we are in it or not. We only have a choice to win or to lose.”

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