Sky News US contributor Michael Ware says France President Emmanuel Macron chose not to retaliate against British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as the United Kingdom is seen as the “fifth wheel” in the AUKUS alliance.

Paris opted to recall its ambassadors to the United States and Australia in the wake of last week’s trilateral agreement which saw the Commonwealth axes its $90 billion submarine deal with French-based Naval Group.

The decision prompted Mr Johnson to tell the French to “prenez un grip” – get a grip – as the fallout over the initiative continued.

“This is the most fun part of this sub snub fallout because what is most fun is the way Paris has handled this with London,” said Mr Ware.

“We know the love-hate relationship across the channel between Great Britain and France … so why did they not recall their ambassador from Britain?

“It’s because they said: ‘we don’t think Britain really had a significant role in any of this’.

“In fact, the French officials said, ‘We think the Brits were the fifth wheel in the carriage here’ and they said, ‘We’re long used to Britain’s constant opportunism’.

“This tells us nothing about the Brits that we do not already know and they were not the driving force behind this deal and so we’ll just ignore them, and I don’t think Boris Johnson likes being ignored.”

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