Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews has blasted the federal government’s refusal to provide additional economic support to the construction sector, saying Victorians are “sick” of federal expenditure being treated like “it’s foreign aid”.

“I am disappointed that the treasurer has indicated the Victoria will not be getting what NSW got,” he said.

“I would just say to Mr Frydenberg Victorians are getting sick and tired of every time the Commonwealth government spends a dollar in Victoria, it’s treated like it’s foreign aid, like we should bow our head and be grateful.

“No, we’re part of this country, we pay our taxes, we pay more than our fair share of taxes, we create more than our fair share of wealth, and opportunity and prosperity in our nation.

“It is offensive for us to not be receiving the same support as other parts of the country got, and continue to get, as if we weren’t part of the country.”

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