Fox News contributor Kayleigh McEnany has questioned why White House press corps are “finally” upset over Joe Biden not answering their questions as she argued “where were you” when the president was “hiding in the basement” during the 2020 campaign.

“Now you have reporters in the press pool who are finally upset by this, you have Ed O’Keefe from CBS, Steve Portnoy, Jennifer Jacobs from Bloomberg, they were all so upset at this moment,” she said.

“But my question is, where were you when Biden was hiding in the basement and demanding he answer questions during the campaign?

“I’d be on Air Force One with the president for five rallies and President Biden, then-nominee, would call a lid at like noon.

“So where were you? Now you can complain, but, hey, you kind of made the way for this.”

The comments come after press corps filed a formal objection with the White House over President Biden’s refusal to take their questions.

The White House has been criticised numerous times in the past for trying to control President Biden’s public appearances by not allowing him to take questions from reporters or speak freely.

Last week the White House was slammed for abruptly cutting the video feed when Mr Biden went off script during an event in Idaho.

“Joe Biden has taken 3 questions from reporters in the last 7 days, averaging fewer than 7 words per answer,” RNC Research tweeted.

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