Mr Andrews on Thursday suggested anyone who is critical of Victoria’s coronavirus vaccine supply issues should “have a chat to Mr Hunt”.    
“I don’t think it’s fair to blame the state government for the amount of vaccine we’ve got when the vaccines are not ordered by us,” he said. 
“They’re [the Commonwealth] the ones who do the ordering, they’re the ones who pay for it … who ship it in … who distribute it around the country. We’re not doing that.”
Asked about the Victorian Premier on Thursday afternoon, the federal Health Minister responded with, “I could say something, but I won’t”.
Health Minister Greg Hunt has stopped short of criticising the Victorian government over claims the Commonwealth is responsible for vaccine shortages. Picture: Rohan Thomson/Getty Images
“I understand today’s a difficult day for Victoria and I may detect a pattern on such days,” Mr Hunt continued.
“I’ll just give the facts.”
Mr Hunt revealed he had confirmed Victoria’s vaccine supply figures per week over the course of September and October with the state’s Health Minister Martin Foley just after 8:00am on Thursday morning.
He also detailed the number of mRNA vaccines to be delivered in Victoria for the following weeks:
September 6: 285,000 doses
September 13: 336,000 doses
September 20: 566,000 doses
September 27: 607,000 doses
October 4: 755,000 doses
October 11: 833,000 doses
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Mr Hunt said figures for the final two weeks of October have been provided to Mr Foley and will be publicly confirmed in the next 48 hours.
“So that I think will hopefully put that to rest because those figures have been provided,” he said.
“In total it means Victoria is going to receive 1.7 million mRNA vaccines and uncapped AstraZeneca in September and …. approximately 3 million mRNA vaccines and uncapped AstraZeneca in October.”
He also shut down a further question on what was meant earlier when the Health Minister said he noticed a pattern on Victoria’s “hard days” – saying “our job is to provide hope and reassurance with facts”.

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