Sky News contributor Kel Richards says the likelihood of a unified ‘roadmap’ in Australia looks “dubious” as state premiers head to “different destinations”.

Mr Richards analysed the meaning of the word “roadmap” and its origins as a metaphorical term representing a “set of steps to achieve a goal”.

“For the metaphor to mean anything, we need to agree on what’s on the map, what the goal is and how we get there – what the steps are to getting there.

Mr Richards said the concept of a cohesive roadmap in Australia is looking “a bit dubious”, as states don’t seem to “agree about that”.

“So you’ve got Mark McGowan wanting to go to a different goal, a different destination to the rest of us,” he said.

“While we’re talking about learning to live with Covid, he keeps talking about Covid zero.

“When you’re heading for two different destinations, you might be on the same map – but you’re not on the same road.”

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