He was criticised throughout the day for being “absent” as he did not front the daily COVID-19 press conference and did not address the media over the thousands of protesters who caused chaos in the CBD.
But late on Tuesday night, he issued a statement, saying “anger isn’t going to make this pandemic end any quicker”.
“Acts of violence like we’ve seen in the city in the last two days isn’t going to stop people ending up in ICU, or be any help to the nurses treating them,” a post from Mr Andrews’ Twitter page read.
“Literally only one thing will – getting vaccinated.”
He understood the “majority” of Victorians were abiding by the strict stay-at-home health orders and urged those breaking the law to think about the healthcare workers spending “long hours” in hospitals caring for patients.
The Premier then pushed the need to get a COVID-19 vaccine to ensure the state can emerge from lockdown in time.
Victoria has reached 72.61 per cent of its population with one dose and 44.1 per cent are fully inoculated as of Tuesday.
Dan Andrews’ no-show at press conference a ‘curious move’
An estimated two thousand protesters stormed the streets in Melbourne CBD, starting at the CFMEU headquarters, then state parliament before taking the march onto the West Gate freeway and causing traffic to come to a standstill.
Riot police, the mounted unit and thousands of officers were immobilised across the city in a bid to ease tensions.
Projectiles, such as bottles, cans and umbrellas, were hurled at cops, members of the public and the media.
Riot police were forced to fire tear gas and rubber bullets at angry mobs who charged toward them.
Some demonstrators were spotted running into liquor stores to buy alcohol to drink while protesting.
An estimated two thousand protesters demonstrated over the vaccination mandate by the Andrews Government. Picture: Getty Images
The angry mob went from the CFMEU, to the state parliament, before taking their rally onto the West Gate bridge and bringing traffic to a standstill. Picture: NCA
Victoria’s Chief Commissioner of Police Shane Patton lashed out at the protesting “cowards” who took to the streets of Melbourne for a second day of violent demonstrations. 
“This was a really challenging environment for police. It was a crowd of around 2,000 that we estimate at this stage. This was a very, very large and very, very angry group,” he said on Tuesday night.
“Any police force anywhere in the world would’ve been challenged by a snap demonstration of this nature. And it was a challenging and confronting environment.
“We chose to prioritise public safety throughout the day, so that we could ensure community members weren’t injured.” 
Intelligence predicts another protest is expected on Wednesday morning around 10am.
At least 62 have been arrested so far with Comm Patton promising new tactics will be used to break up the protest.
“I’m not going to disclose what our tactics will be… but they will be different,” he said.
Construction workers had vowed to return “every day” until their pleas and demands were heard.
The protests started on Monday after frustrated construction workers gathered outside Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) believing they were not supported.

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