State leaders are still “in the ascendency” despite residents being forced to endure through severe lockdowns and border closures, says Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell.

“Well it’s extraordinary – you hear about it down there, you show it’s the biggest lockdown capital in the world and the guy’s got massive approval,” he said.

“This Newspoll shows premiers still in the ascendancy despite damaging lockdowns and border closures and Prime Minister Scott Morrison copping it over the vaccine rollout.

“The most astounding figure: Daniel Andrews’ approval rating in terms of handling the pandemic – 63 per cent handled well, 35 per cent handled badly.

“Gladys Berejiklian, despite the big outbreak there and suggestions she didn’t lockdown hard enough: 56-41 approval – she’s ahead despite the pain caused by that although that figure has come down from 77.

“Queensland’s Annastacia Palaszczuk 67 to 31. These daily press conferences have paid dividends for these premiers.”

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